Class ComponentSearch

  • public class ComponentSearch
    extends Object
    A collection of component search-related providers, matchers and interfaces.
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        public static final IComponentSearchProvider ID_SEARCH_PROVIDER
        A search provider for queries which are interpreted as identifiers for components implementing ComponentSearch.IIdentifierHost interface.

        Two types of queries are supported:

        • Array of objects - interprets the array as the id path, i. e. will take the first id from the array and find the component defined by this id; then takes the second id and searches in the newly found component, and so on
        • Non-array object - interpreted as an array consisting of this single object, see above

        public static final ComponentSearch.ComponentPredicate ANY_ATTRIBUTE_COMPONENT
        A component predicate for components with IAttribute-type models.

        public static final IComponentSearchProvider FIRST_CHILD_BY_PREDICATE
        A search provider allowing to search for the first component satisfying a predicate.
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      • ComponentSearch

        public ComponentSearch()