Class BmStaticticsContainer

  • public class BmStaticticsContainer
    extends Object
    Different statistical data used for the monitoring of the IBmEngine states.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BmStaticticsContainer

        public BmStaticticsContainer()
    • Method Detail

      • getBackReferenceStoreSize

        public long getBackReferenceStoreSize()
        Gets the back reference store size.
        The back reference store size, in bytes. Cannot be negative.
      • getPeristentStoreSize

        public long getPeristentStoreSize()
        Gets the size of the BM persistent store.
        The size of the persistent store, in bytes.
      • setBackReferenceStoreSize

        public void setBackReferenceStoreSize​(long backReferenceStoreSize)
        Sets the back reference store size.
        backReferenceStoreSize - The size to set, in bytes. Cannot be negative.
      • setPeristentStoreSize

        public void setPeristentStoreSize​(long peristentStoreSize)
        Sets the size of the persistent store.
        peristentStoreSize - The size in bytes, cannot be negative.