Class AggregatingContextCollector

    • Constructor Detail

      • AggregatingContextCollector

        public AggregatingContextCollector​(ICaseSpecificContextCollector... aggregates)
        Creates an instance of the aggregating collector using provided set of collecting aggregates.
        aggregates - The set of aggregates.
    • Method Detail

      • collectContext

        public void collectContext​(IBmObject contextObject,
                                   BmSubEvent bmEvent,
                                   IContextCollectingSession contextSession)
        Description copied from interface: ICaseSpecificContextCollector
        Gets called to perform custom scope collection.
        Specified by:
        collectContext in interface ICaseSpecificContextCollector
        contextObject - the bmObject to perform scope collection for
        bmEvent - the BM event that caused the necessity of derived data computation. The event may be used to extract some additional information.
        contextSession - Session of the context collection being used to access object contexts.
      • fullRebuildScope

        public String[] fullRebuildScope()
        Description copied from interface: ICaseSpecificContextCollector
        Collects DD segments that are being affected by the rebuild scope collecting procedure of this collector.
        Specified by:
        fullRebuildScope in interface ICaseSpecificContextCollector
        Arrays of affected DD segments if any; Null/empty array in case if this collector doesn't provide rebuild scope collection.