Interface ITypeSpecificObjectContextFactory

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    public interface ITypeSpecificObjectContextFactory
    Produces DD object context(s) for a specific set of BM object types.
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      • createContext

        IObjectDerivedDataContext createContext​(String segmentId,
                                                long bmObjectId,
                                                org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EClass objectEClass,
                                                boolean removal,
                                                Object computationCause)
        Creates a new instance of the DD object context.
        segmentId - The DD segment identifier.
        bmObjectId - The identifier of the object to register the removal for.
        objectEClass - The EClass of the object to register the removal for. Cannot be null
        removal - Indicates that the created context is an object removal context.
        syncContext - Designates that the created context is for the sync. DD.
        computationCause - Session id the DD context is being collected for. Used only in case if syncContext == true
        A new context instance.
      • getSupportedTypes

        Map<String,​Collection<org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EClass>> getSupportedTypes()
        Gets the set of object types this factory could produce contexts for.
        The set of supported types mapped to DD segment identifiers.