Class GraphicalSchemeMarkerWrapper

    • Constructor Detail

      • GraphicalSchemeMarkerWrapper

        public GraphicalSchemeMarkerWrapper​(Marker marker,
                                            org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject project,
                                            IBmModelManager modelManager,
                                            IV8ProjectManager projectManager,
                                            ISymbolicLinkLocalizer symbolicLinkLocalizer,
                                            OpenHelper openHelper,
                                            IProjectFileSystemSupportProvider fileSystemSupportProvider,
                                            IResourceLookup resourceLookup)
        marker - - wrapped marker. Can't be null.
        project - - project the marker is attached to. Can't be null.
        modelManager - - bm model manager instance. Can't be null.
        projectManager - - project manager. Can't be null.
        symbolicLinkLocalizer - - symbolic link localizer. Can't be null.
        openHelper - - service for opening and activating editors. Can't be null.
        fileSystemSupportProvider - - service for file system support. Can't be null.
        resourceLookup - - service for resource lookup. Can't be null.