Class BslDocumentationComment

  • public class BslDocumentationComment
    extends Object
    Class represents the Bsl documentation comment as in new format and in old format. Common description of the documentation comment is:
     //(Deprecated. | Устарела)? Description
     //(Parameters: | Параметры:)
     //* parameterName1 ((type section description) | (text description))
     //* parameterNameN ((type section description) | (text description))
     //(Call options: | Варианты вызова:)
     //text description of the method call options
     //(Returns: | Возвращаемое значение:)
     //((type section description) | (text description))
     //(Example: | Пример:)
     //text description of the example of using method
    Class BslDocumentationComment.Section corresponding to the each part of comment. Parameters section has special section BslDocumentationComment.ParametersSection. Return section has special section BslDocumentationComment.ReturnSection. Text part description represents by IDescriptionPart. Type section part represents by TypeSection. Differences between old and new format is little:
    • keywords "Returns:" replaced to "Return value" in old format
    • there is no "*" before parameterName in oldFormat
    • differences in type section description - see TypeSection
    All keyword of the format in IBslCommentToken