Class BslGlobalScopeFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:<org.eclipse.xtext.resource.IEObjectDescription>, Predicate<org.eclipse.xtext.resource.IEObjectDescription>

    public class BslGlobalScopeFilter
    extends Object
    Instance of this class is intended to be used as a filter in a global scope.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BslGlobalScopeFilter

        public BslGlobalScopeFilter​(Environments environments,
                                    boolean ignoreAppModules,
                                    boolean ignoreServerCalls,
                                    BslAdditionalIndexInformationHelper indexInformationHelper)
        environments - only entities accessible in this environments should be in the scope. May be null. In a such case scope is not filtered by environment.
        ignoreAppModules - if true external properties and methods of application modules are filtered out.
        ignoreServerCalls - if true calls to server global modules are filtered out.
        indexInformationHelper - special service providing additional information for Bsl index, can't be null
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        public boolean apply​(org.eclipse.xtext.resource.IEObjectDescription input)
        Specified by:
        apply in interface<org.eclipse.xtext.resource.IEObjectDescription>
      • getEnvironments

        public Environments getEnvironments()
        Gets current environments
        environments, can be null when no filters for environments
      • isIgnoreAppModules

        public boolean isIgnoreAppModules()
        Checks for appModule
        true if it is appModule
      • isIgnoreServerCalls

        public boolean isIgnoreServerCalls()
        Checks for ignore server calls
        true if ignore server calls