Class StringLiteralHyperlinksService

  • public class StringLiteralHyperlinksService
    extends Object
    Special service for creating hyper links for StringLiteral in Bsl language
    • Constructor Detail

      • StringLiteralHyperlinksService

        public StringLiteralHyperlinksService()
    • Method Detail

      • createHyperlinks

        public void createHyperlinks​(StringLiteral literal,
                           <org.eclipse.xtext.ui.editor.hyperlinking.XtextHyperlink> hyperlinkProvider,
                                     org.eclipse.xtext.ui.editor.hyperlinking.IHyperlinkAcceptor acceptor)
        Creates hyperlinks for StringLiteral
        literal - StringLiteral for trying creating of hyperlinks, can't be null
        hyperlinkProvider - special provider for XtextHyperlink, can't be null
        acceptor - acceptor for collecting of all created hyperlinks, can't be null