Interface ICallHierarchyQueryListener

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    public interface ICallHierarchyQueryListener
    Special interface of listener for detecting adding, removing, starting and finishing of ICallHierarchyQuery
    • Method Detail

      • queryAdded

        void queryAdded​(ICallHierarchyQuery query)
        Called when an query has been added to the system.
        query - the query that has been added, can't be null
      • queryRemoved

        void queryRemoved​(ICallHierarchyQuery query)
        Called when a query has been removed.
        query - the query that has been removed, can't be null
      • queryStarting

        void queryStarting​(ICallHierarchyQuery query)
        Called before an ISearchQuery is starting.
        query - the query about to start, can't be null
      • queryFinished

        void queryFinished​(ICallHierarchyQuery query)
        Called after an ISearchQuery has finished.
        query - the query that has finished, can't be null