Interface ICallHierarchyResult

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    public interface ICallHierarchyResult
    Interface for representing of call hierarchy result in built-in language
    • Method Detail

      • addListener

        void addListener​(ICallHierarchyResultListener linstener)
        Adds a ICallHierarchyResultListener. Has no effect when the listener has already been added.
        linstener - the listener to be added, can't be null
      • removeListener

        void removeListener​(ICallHierarchyResultListener listener)
        Removes a ISearchResultChangedListener. Has no effect when the listener hasn't previously been added.
        listener - the listener to be removed, can't be null
      • getSignature

        String getSignature()
        Returns a user readable label for this call hierarchy result. The label is typically used in the result view and should contain the search query string and number of matches.
        the label for this search result, can't be null
      • getTooltip

        String getTooltip()
        Returns a tooltip to be used when this search result is shown in the UI.
        a user readable String, can't be null
      • getImageDescriptor

        org.eclipse.jface.resource.ImageDescriptor getImageDescriptor()
        Returns an image descriptor for the given ICallHierarchyResult.
        an image representing this search result or null
      • getQuery

        ICallHierarchyQuery getQuery()
        Returns the query that produced this search result.
        the query producing this result, can't be null