Class ExternalValidatorServiceProvider

  • public class ExternalValidatorServiceProvider
    extends Object
    Special service for providing all external validation for Bsl languages
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExternalValidatorServiceProvider

        public ExternalValidatorServiceProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • validate

        public void validate​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject object,
                             org.eclipse.emf.common.util.DiagnosticChain diagnostic,
                             Map<Object,​Object> context)
        Validates object by all compatible IExternalBslValidator. The compatibility is defined by type of the first argument in method IExternalBslValidator.validate(EObject, CustomValidationMessageAcceptor). object should be instance of this type.
        object - validating object, can't be null
        clazz - actual class of validating object, can't be null
        diagnostic - actual DiagnosticChain for accumulate all validation messages, can't be null
        context - context of validation, can't be null