Interface IExternalBslValidator

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    public interface IExternalBslValidator
    Class for expanding validation in Built-in language module contents.
    The user should implement method validate(EObject, CustomValidationMessageAcceptor), which can have special annotations. Method supports this annotations:
    • CheckType.NORMAL and CheckType.EXPENSIVE
    • - validation will be running only from context menu of editor
    • CheckType.FAST
    • - validation will be running in build phase
    Example of implementation:
     public class SomeExternalBslValidator
       extends IExternalBslValidator;
       public void validate(EObject object, CustomValidationMessageAcceptor messageAcceptor, CancelIndicator monitor)
       public boolean needValidation(EObject object)
          //checks condition for need to validate this object and return true or false
    Created implementation should be registered through the extention point with id "com._1c.g5.v8.dt.bsl.externalBslValidator"