Class FontListProvider

  • public class FontListProvider
    extends Object
    TODO: migrate to some sort of real 1C provider from this mockup The class provides FontStyles arrays for "Style Font" list and for "System Font" list of 1C: FontListProvider#getList1(), FontListProvider#getList2().
    The class also provides array of names of available font families via getFontNames().
    It also holds dictionary of FontData objects for available fonts, each of which is accessible by getFontData(String).
    • Method Detail

      • getFontNames

        public String[] getFontNames()
        Array of string font family names
        array of names of available font families, never null
      • getFontData

        public getFontData​(String fontName)
        fontName - name of a font family
        FontData object matching the given fontName or default font, never null