Class ComparisonDataSourceUpdateInfo

  • public final class ComparisonDataSourceUpdateInfo
    extends Object
    Information about updated object.
    • Field Detail

      • fqn

        public final String fqn
        The FQN of the object updated.
      • oldFqn

        public final String oldFqn
        The old object's FQN. Non-null only if the object has been renamed.
      • eClass

        public final org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EClass eClass
        The object's EClass.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ComparisonDataSourceUpdateInfo

        public ComparisonDataSourceUpdateInfo​(String fqn,
                                              String oldFqn,
                                              org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EClass eClass)
        Constructs an instance.
        fqn - the object's FQN, cannot be null
        oldFqn - the old object's FQN, can be null
        eClass - the object's eClass, cannot be null