Interface IProjectSourceProvider

  • public interface IProjectSourceProvider
    Provides information about files in projects being compared.
    • Method Detail

      • fileExists

        boolean fileExists​(Path path)
        Checks whether a file for the specified path exists.
        path - the specified path to check the existence for, cannot be null
        true if the file exists, false otherwise
      • getFileListRecursively

        List<Path> getFileListRecursively​(Path path)
        Returns the file list for given folder path and all its subfolders.
        path - the relative folder path to get the file list for, can not be null
        the list of relative file paths, never null
      • getFileStream

        InputStream getFileStream​(Path path)
        Returns a file stream for the specified path.
        path - the string with the path
        the input stream
      • stop

        void stop()
        Stops the project source provider in the flow of the comparison session closure.