Interface IBslBreakpointListener

  • public interface IBslBreakpointListener
    Provides event and error notifications for BSL breakpoints.

    Clients may use IBslBreakpointListenerManager to add and remove listeners.

    • Method Detail

      • breakpointHit

        IBslBreakpointListener.Action breakpointHit​(IBslBreakpoint breakpoint)
        Notifies the listener, that the given breakpoint has been hit in 1C:Enterprise runtime. Allows this listener to vote to determine if 1C:Enterprise runtime thread should be suspended in response to the breakpoint. If at least one listener votes to SUSPEND, the thread will suspend.
        breakpoint - the breakpoint, cannot be null
        whether the 1C:Enterprise runtime thread should suspend or whether this listener doesn't care - one of SUSPEND or SKIP
      • breakpointHasRuntimeError

        void breakpointHasRuntimeError​(IBslLineBreakpoint breakpoint,
                                       String title,
                                       String errorMessage)
        Notifies the listener, that the given breakpoint has 1C:Enterprise runtime errors in its conditional expression.
        breakpoint - the breakpoint, cannot be null
        title - error dialog title, cannot be null
        error - error message for the breakpoint's condition error, cnnot be null
      • showErrorRequested

        void showErrorRequested​(org.eclipse.emf.common.util.URI moduleUri,
                                int lineNumber,
                                int positionInLine,
                                String moduleName,
                                String description,
                                String presentation)
        Notifies the listener, that an error occurred in BSL module with given URI in given position with given error description, and information about this error is intended to be shown to user.
        moduleUri - BSL module URI, cannot be null
        lineNumber - module line number with error
        positionInLine - position in this line number
        moduleName - BSL module name, returned from 1C:Enterprise runtime, cannot be null
        description - error short description, cannot be null
        presentation - error full presentation to show, can be multi-line, cannot be null
      • showMetadataObjectRequested

        void showMetadataObjectRequested​(org.eclipse.emf.common.util.URI object)
        Notifies the listener, that in debug session user run command "show in configurator"
        object - URI of object to open editor, cannot be null