Class EntityFigurePart

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.ui.model.IRecolorable, IAutomaticSize, IHighlightable, org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure

    public class EntityFigurePart
    extends AbstractDecorationFigure
    implements IAutomaticSize, com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.ui.model.IRecolorable, IHighlightable
    UI representation of entity part. Each entity figure part associated with entity data part.
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        org.eclipse.draw2d.Figure.FigureIterator, org.eclipse.draw2d.Figure.IdentitySearch
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        lineStyle, lineWidth
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        bgColor, border, bounds, fgColor, flags, font, MAX_FLAG, maxSize, minSize, NO_MANAGER, prefSize, toolTip
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    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      void add​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure figure, Object constraint, int index)  
      void calculateSize()
      Calculates and changes size of figure.
      protected void fillShape​(org.eclipse.draw2d.Graphics graphics)  
      com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.model.Data getAssociatedData()
      Returns associated with this figure data.
      Collection<org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure> getCachedChildren()
      Returns hiden children.
      List<org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure> getChildren()  
      void highlight​(String text)
      Highlights associated with given text part.
      protected void initDataPartLabelsMouseListeners()
      Initializes child data part labels mouse listeners
      protected void initMouseListeners()
      Initializes figure's mouse listeners.
      void recolor()  
      void refreshLabels()
      Refreshes labels.
      void reloadColors()
      Reloads colors from preference store.
      void reset​(String text)
      Resets associated with given text part.
      void resetAll()
      Resets all parts.
      void setAssociatedData​(ErdData data)
      Sets associated data.
      void setCollapsed​(boolean isCollapsed)
      Sets part collapsed/uncollapsed (hides/shows all children).
      void setParent​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure p)  
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        getAlpha, getAntialias, getLineAttributes, getLineCap, getLineDash, getLineDashOffset, getLineJoin, getLineMiterLimit, getLineStyle, getLineWidth, getLineWidthFloat, paintFigure, setAlpha, setAlpha, setAntialias, setAntialias, setFill, setFillXOR, setLineAttributes, setLineCap, setLineDash, setLineDashOffset, setLineJoin, setLineMiterLimit, setLineStyle, setLineWidth, setLineWidthFloat, setOutline, setOutlineXOR, setXOR
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        add, add, add, addAncestorListener, addCoordinateListener, addFigureListener, addFocusListener, addKeyListener, addLayoutListener, addListener, addMouseListener, addMouseMotionListener, addNotify, addPropertyChangeListener, addPropertyChangeListener, containsPoint, containsPoint, erase, findDescendantAtExcluding, findFigureAt, findFigureAt, findFigureAt, findFigureAtExcluding, findMouseEventTargetAt, findMouseEventTargetInDescendantsAt, fireCoordinateSystemChanged, fireFigureMoved, fireMoved, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, getBackgroundColor, getBorder, getBounds, getClientArea, getClientArea, getClippingStrategy, getCursor, getFlag, getFont, getForegroundColor, getInsets, getLayoutManager, getListeners, getLocalBackgroundColor, getLocalFont, getLocalForegroundColor, getLocation, getMaximumSize, getMinimumSize, getMinimumSize, getParent, getPreferredSize, getPreferredSize, getSize, getToolTip, getUpdateManager, handleFocusGained, handleFocusLost, handleKeyPressed, handleKeyReleased, handleMouseDoubleClicked, handleMouseDragged, handleMouseEntered, handleMouseExited, handleMouseHover, handleMouseMoved, handleMousePressed, handleMouseReleased, hasFocus, internalGetEventDispatcher, intersects, invalidate, invalidateTree, isCoordinateSystem, isEnabled, isFocusTraversable, isMirrored, isMouseEventTarget, isOpaque, isRequestFocusEnabled, isShowing, isValid, isValidationRoot, isVisible, layout, paint, paintBorder, paintChildren, paintClientArea, primTranslate, remove, removeAll, removeAncestorListener, removeCoordinateListener, removeFigureListener, removeFocusListener, removeKeyListener, removeLayoutListener, removeListener, removeMouseListener, removeMouseMotionListener, removeNotify, removePropertyChangeListener, removePropertyChangeListener, repaint, repaint, repaint, requestFocus, revalidate, setBackgroundColor, setBorder, setBounds, setChildrenDirection, setChildrenEnabled, setChildrenOrientation, setClippingStrategy, setConstraint, setCursor, setEnabled, setFlag, setFocusTraversable, setFont, setForegroundColor, setLayoutManager, setLocation, setMaximumSize, setMinimumSize, setOpaque, setPreferredSize, setPreferredSize, setRequestFocusEnabled, setSize, setSize, setToolTip, setValid, setVisible, translate, translateFromParent, translateToAbsolute, translateToParent, translateToRelative, useLocalCoordinates, validate
    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityFigurePart

        public EntityFigurePart​(ErdData data,
                                int depth,
                                EntityFigure parentEntity)
        data - - data, which this entity figure part represents. Can't be null.
        depth - - depth relatively to entity figure.
        parentEntity - - parent entity figure. Can't be null.
    • Method Detail

      • add

        public void add​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure figure,
                        Object constraint,
                        int index)
        Specified by:
        add in interface org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure
        add in class org.eclipse.draw2d.Figure
      • setCollapsed

        public void setCollapsed​(boolean isCollapsed)
        Sets part collapsed/uncollapsed (hides/shows all children).
        isCollapsed - - collapsed or not.
      • getCachedChildren

        public Collection<org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure> getCachedChildren()
        Returns hiden children.
        hiden children. Can't return null.
      • getAssociatedData

        public com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.model.Data getAssociatedData()
        Returns associated with this figure data.
        associated with this figure data. Can't return null.
      • setAssociatedData

        public void setAssociatedData​(ErdData data)
        Sets associated data.
        data - - new data. Can't be null.
      • refreshLabels

        public void refreshLabels()
        Refreshes labels.
      • getChildren

        public List<org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure> getChildren()
        Specified by:
        getChildren in interface org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure
        getChildren in class org.eclipse.draw2d.Figure
      • setParent

        public void setParent​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure p)
        Specified by:
        setParent in interface org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure
        setParent in class org.eclipse.draw2d.Figure
      • recolor

        public void recolor()
        Specified by:
        recolor in interface com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.ui.model.IRecolorable
      • reloadColors

        public void reloadColors()
        Reloads colors from preference store.
        Specified by:
        reloadColors in interface com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.ui.model.IRecolorable
      • highlight

        public void highlight​(String text)
        Description copied from interface: IHighlightable
        Highlights associated with given text part.

        Example: EntityFigure has EntityFigurePart child, EntityFigurePart has label child with text Document.MyDocument. If given item is "Document.MyDocument", it can be associated with this label and label should be highlighted(for example, change color).
        Specified by:
        highlight in interface IHighlightable
        text - - some text to associate with figures part. Can't be null.
      • reset

        public void reset​(String text)
        Description copied from interface: IHighlightable
        Resets associated with given text part.

        Example: EntityFigure has EntityFigurePart child, EntityFigurePart has label child with text Document.MyDocument. If given item is "Document.MyDocument", it can be associated with this label and label should be reseted(for example, color changed to default).
        Specified by:
        reset in interface IHighlightable
        text - - some text to associate with figures part. Can't be null.
      • fillShape

        protected void fillShape​(org.eclipse.draw2d.Graphics graphics)
        Specified by:
        fillShape in class org.eclipse.draw2d.Shape
      • initDataPartLabelsMouseListeners

        protected void initDataPartLabelsMouseListeners()
        Initializes child data part labels mouse listeners