Interface LayoutTransformationService

  • public interface LayoutTransformationService
    The service is responsible for the hippo model transformation phase in layout process.
    • Method Detail

      • transform

        HippoTransformResult transform​(FormTransformationContext transformationContext,
                                       HorStrategy startHorStrategy,
                                       int maxWidth,
                                       int maxHeight,
                                       ILogFormMobileInfoProvider mobileInfoProvider,
                                       Version version,
                                       CompatibilityMode compatibilityMode,
                                       IPlatformVisualComputer visualComputer)
        Executes the transformation stage for the given hippo layout model.

        The size calculation and transformation of layout model.

        transformationContext - the transformation context, cannot be null
        startHorStrategy - the start horisontal strategy, cannot be null
        maxWidth - the max form width
        maxHeight - the max form height
        version - the project version, cannot be null
        compatibilityMode - the project compatibility mode, cannot be null
        visualComputer - the visual computer, analog of measurer in platform, cannot be null
        transformed hippo layout model, cannot be null
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Dispoces the service.