Class FormWysiwygViewer

    • Constructor Detail

      • FormWysiwygViewer

        public FormWysiwygViewer​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                                 MappingController controller,
                                 IBmModel bmModel,
                                 TransformatorServiceProvider transformatorServiceProvider,
                                 ChartImageServiceProvider chartImageServiceProvider,
                                 IChartProvider chartProvider,
                                 IRuntimeVersionSupport versionSupport,
                                 CompatibilityMode compatibilityMode,
                                 List<IDropDelegate> dropDelegates)
        Creates new WYSIWYG viewer.
        parent - the parent composite, cannot be null
        controller - the mapping controller, cannot be null
        chartImageServiceProvider - the provider of the service for chart images obtaining, cannot be null
        chartProvider - the provider of the charts, cannot be null
        versionSupport - , the runtime version service, cannot be null
        bmModel - the BM model, cannot be null
        transformatorServiceProvider - the provider for the transformation service, cannot be null
        compatibilityMode - the project compatibility mode, cannot be null
        dropDelegates - , list of drop delegates for DnD support
    • Method Detail

      • close

        public void close()
        Must be called on closing of WYSIWYG editor.
      • getTargetWidth

        public int getTargetWidth()
        Returns current target width which the WYSIWYG is built for.
        the target width
      • getTargetHeight

        public int getTargetHeight()
        Returns current target height which the WYSIWYG is built for.
        the target width
      • setTargetResolution

        public void setTargetResolution​(int width,
                                        int height)
        Sets WYSIWYG's target resolution to be built for.
        width - the width
        height - the height
      • setCompactView

        public void setCompactView​(boolean isCompact)
        Sets WYSIWYG's compact or usual view.
        isCompact - the view type, compact or usual
      • isCompactView

        public boolean isCompactView()
        Tells whether compact view is used.
        true if compact view, false otherwise
      • setLanguageCode

        public void setLanguageCode​(String languageCode)
        Sets new language.
        languageCode - the language
      • getControl

        public org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control getControl()
        Specified by:
        getControl in class Viewer
      • setInput

        public void setInput​(Object input)
        Sets new form to represent by WYSIWYG.
        Specified by:
        setInput in class Viewer
        input - the Form object, cannot be null
      • getStructuredSelection

        public IStructuredSelection getStructuredSelection()
        Returns currently selected objects on WYSIWYG.
        the selection
      • refresh

        public void refresh()
        Specified by:
        refresh in class Viewer