Class CloneFormAttributeTask

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      • CloneFormAttributeTask

        public CloneFormAttributeTask​(FormAttributeManagementService managementService,
                                      Form form,
                                      FormAttribute sourceAttribute,
                                      TypeDescription attributeType,
                                      Consumer<FormAttribute> adapter)
        Creates a new task of clonning attribute.
        managementService - the management service. Clonning happens by using this service, can't be null
        form - the form in which the cloned attribute will be added, can't be null
        sourceAttribute - it is the attribute to clone, can't be null
        attributeType - the attribute type description, can't be null
        adapter - form item post-processing action, cannot be null
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      • execute

        public org.eclipse.core.runtime.IStatus execute​(Form form,
                                                        org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Specified by:
        execute in class BmBasicTask1<Form>