Class FormCommandManagementService

  • public class FormCommandManagementService
    extends Object
    The service of management for a form command. Any manipulations has to happen to form commands of a form through this service.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FormCommandManagementService

        public FormCommandManagementService()
        Creates a new management service
    • Method Detail

      • addCommand

        public void addCommand​(Form form,
                               FormCommand command)
        Adds a form command to the form. In time addition the unique name is set to the parameter.
        form - the form in which is added the a new command form
        command - it is the added form command
      • replaceFormExtensionCommand

        public void replaceFormExtensionCommand​(IBmTransaction transaction,
                                                FormCommand srcCommand,
                                                FormCommand destCommand,
                                                Form form)
        Replaces borrowed command in extension form to base (inherited) command
        transaction - bm transaction, cannot be null
        srcCommand - source command to be replaced, cannot be null
        destCommand - destination command to replace with, cannot be null
        form - model, cannot be null
      • deleteCommand

        public void deleteCommand​(FormCommand command,
                                  boolean removeRelated)
        Remove the form command from a form which contains it.
        command - the removal form command
        removeRelated - the flag setting rules removal of related objects. If it is true all related items will be removed, if false then at all related items the reference to this form command will be cleared