Class AbstractPublicationStatusHandler.AbstractPublishOperation

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    Enclosing class:
    AbstractPublicationStatusHandler<T extends Publication>

    protected abstract class AbstractPublicationStatusHandler.AbstractPublishOperation
    extends Object
    implements org.eclipse.jface.operation.IRunnableWithProgress
    Publish given publication with given 1C:Enterprise Runtime installation runnable. Sublcasses may extend and use.
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      • run

        public void run​(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Specified by:
        run in interface org.eclipse.jface.operation.IRunnableWithProgress
      • getResult

        public PublicationResult getResult()
        Returns publication result.
        publication result, never null
      • publish

        protected abstract void publish​(T publication,
                                        InfobaseReference infobase,
                                        IResolvableRuntimeInstallation resolvable)
                                 throws WebServerAccessException
        Publish given instance of publication using given 1C:Enterprise Runtime.
        publication - the publication instance to publish, cannot be null
        infobase - the infobase to publish, cannot be null
        resolvable - the resolvable 1C:Enterprise Runtime to use, cannot be null
        WebServerAccessException - if publication fails