Class CompoundDerivedStateComputerParticipant

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      • CompoundDerivedStateComputerParticipant

        public CompoundDerivedStateComputerParticipant​( injector)
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      • installDerivedState

        public void installDerivedState​(org.eclipse.xtext.resource.DerivedStateAwareResource resource,
                                        boolean preLinkingPhase)
        Description copied from interface: IDerivedStateComputerParticipant
        Installs derived state
        Specified by:
        installDerivedState in interface IDerivedStateComputerParticipant
        resource - the resource to install derived state on
        preLinkingPhase - whether the call is done in a pre-linking phase. During this phase clients may not do linking which relies on indexed information, because the index might not be fully computed yet.