Interface IDerivedStateComputerParticipant

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    public interface IDerivedStateComputerParticipant
    A derived state computer participant allows to extend derived state computing.

    It is up to derived state computer to decide when trigger participants to install or discard derived state.

    Implementors should keep in mind that they share the resource set with other derived state computer participants thus you shall not modify the state of the given resource set besides adding or removing resources.

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      void discardDerivedState​(org.eclipse.xtext.resource.DerivedStateAwareResource resource)
      Discards derived state
      void installDerivedState​(org.eclipse.xtext.resource.DerivedStateAwareResource resource, boolean preLinkingPhase)
      Installs derived state
    • Method Detail

      • installDerivedState

        void installDerivedState​(org.eclipse.xtext.resource.DerivedStateAwareResource resource,
                                 boolean preLinkingPhase)
        Installs derived state
        resource - the resource to install derived state on
        preLinkingPhase - whether the call is done in a pre-linking phase. During this phase clients may not do linking which relies on indexed information, because the index might not be fully computed yet.
      • discardDerivedState

        void discardDerivedState​(org.eclipse.xtext.resource.DerivedStateAwareResource resource)
        Discards derived state
        resource - the resource to discard derived state on