Class MdTypesTranslationIntoRussian

  • public class MdTypesTranslationIntoRussian
    extends Object
    Translates name of types related to model objects from English to Russian.
    • Field Detail

      • topObjectTypesTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> topObjectTypesTranslation
        The translation of the top object type names into Russian.
      • containedObjectTypesTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> containedObjectTypesTranslation
        The translation of the contained object type names into Russian.
      • externalObjectsTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> externalObjectsTranslation
        The translation of the external object names into Russian.
      • auxiliaryTypesTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> auxiliaryTypesTranslation
        The translation of the auxiliary type names into Russian.
      • auxiliaryCompositeTypesTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> auxiliaryCompositeTypesTranslation
        The translation of the auxiliary type names into Russian.
      • standardAttributesTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> standardAttributesTranslation
        The translation of the standard attribute names into Russian.
      • standardTabularSectionsTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> standardTabularSectionsTranslation
        The translation of the standard tabular section names into Russian.
      • standardCommandsGroupTranslation

        public static final<String,​String> standardCommandsGroupTranslation
        The translation of the standard commands group names into Russian.
    • Method Detail

      • translateIntoRussian

        public static String translateIntoRussian​(String typeName)
        Translates the type name in English into Russian if the type name is the top object type or contained object type or composite type. The example of composite type is 'CatalogRef' or 'AccountingRegisterSelection'.
        typeName - the type name in English, can not be null
        the Russian translation of the type name or null if the translation is not found