Class BmConfigurationCompatibilityModeModel

    • Constructor Detail

      • BmConfigurationCompatibilityModeModel

        public BmConfigurationCompatibilityModeModel​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject object,
                                                     org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EStructuralFeature feature,
                                                     IRuntimeVersionSupport runtimeVersionSupport)
        object - the e-object to change, can not be null
        feature - the e-object feature to change, can not be null
        runtimeVersionSupport - the runtime cersion support
    • Method Detail

      • getMaxCompatibilityMode

        public CompatibilityMode getMaxCompatibilityMode()
        Returns the maximum possible value of compatibility mode for the project (which corresponds to its runtime version number). If the project runtime version is null, returns the highest avaiable value of CompatibilityMode.

        Lazily computed, doesn't invalidate (it is presumed the runtime version will not change during the lifetime of the model).

        The maximum compatibility mode
      • getRuntimeVersion

        public Version getRuntimeVersion()
        Returns the runtime version of the project of this model
        The project's runtime version
      • getValues

        public Collection<CompatibilityMode> getValues()
        Returns the list of possible compatibility mode values, i. e. all versions between 8.3.6 and the runtime version of the project, inclusively.

        If the current compatibility mode is outside of the above list, it will be added to it.

        The list of possible compatibility modes