Class AbstractSubsystemsPanel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public abstract class AbstractSubsystemsPanel
    extends AbstractViewerPanel
    Basic panel for populating filter by subsystems.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractSubsystemsPanel

        public AbstractSubsystemsPanel​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                                       IFilterBySubsystemsManager filterBySubsystemsManager,
                                       boolean oneProjectMode,
                                       FilterBySubsystemsSettings filterSettings,
                                       IDtProjectManager dtProjectManager)
        Creates new instance of AbstractSubsystemsPanel.
        parent - the parent composite, cannot be null
        filterBySubsystemsManager - the filter by subsystems manager, cannot be null
        oneProjectMode - whether to show only one project
        resourceLookup - the resource lookup, cannot be null
        filterSettings - initial filter settings, cannot be null
        dtProjectManager - the DT project manager, cannot be null
    • Method Detail

      • setIncludeObjectsFromSubordinateSubsystems

        public void setIncludeObjectsFromSubordinateSubsystems​(boolean includeObjectsFromSubordinateSubsystems)
        Sets whether to include objects from subordinate subsystems.
        includeObjectsFromSubordinateSubsystems - whether to include objects from subordinate subsystems
      • setIncludeObjectsFromParentSubsystems

        public void setIncludeObjectsFromParentSubsystems​(boolean includeObjectsFromParentSubsystems)
        Sets whether to include objects from parent subsystems.
        includeObjectsFromParentSubsystems - whether to include objects from parent subsystems
      • getVisibleItemData

        public List<Object> getVisibleItemData()
        Returns data of visible items.
        list of data of visible items, never null
      • saveFilterSettings

        public void saveFilterSettings()
        Saves filter settings.
      • createContentProvider

        protected abstract ITreeContentProvider createContentProvider()
        Creates the tree content provider.
        the tree content provider, never null
      • setState

        protected void setState​(Object node,
                                boolean checked)
        Description copied from class: AbstractViewerPanel
        Sets node check state and updates its subtree and parents.
        setState in class AbstractViewerPanel
        node - the target node, can not be null
        checked - the check value
      • updateCurrentModel

        protected void updateCurrentModel​(Object element,
                                          boolean checked)
        Updates element with new checked state.
        element - the element to update, cannot be null
        checked - the new checked state