Interface IEditorPagesRegistry

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    public interface IEditorPagesRegistry
    The DT granular editor pages registry.
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      • getEditorPages

        List<EditorPageDescriptor> getEditorPages​(String editorId,
                                                  org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject object)
        Returns the DT granular editor pages by the editor id from the registry. Method checks registered pages enablement state according to page extension enablement description for the provided model object and returns enabled pages only.
        editorId - the editor id, cannot be null
        object - the editor model object, cannot be null
        the editor pages list, never null, may be empty
      • getPage

        EditorPageDescriptor getPage​(String pageId)
        Returns the DT granular editor page by its id from the registry.
        pageId - the page id, cannot be null
        the page or null if not founded