Class BasicTabularSectionNavigatorAdapter

    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicTabularSectionNavigatorAdapter

        public BasicTabularSectionNavigatorAdapter​(BasicTabularSection model,
                                                   IConfigurationProvider configurationProvider,
                                                   ISymbolicNameService symbolicNameService,
                                                   IModelParentSupport modelParentSupport,
                                                   IResourceLookup resourceLookup,
                                                   org.eclipse.xtext.naming.IQualifiedNameProvider qualifiedNameProvider,
                                                   INavigatorContentProviderStateProvider navigatorContentProviderStateProvider)
        Instantiates a new basic tabular section navigator adapter.
        model - the model
        configurationProvider - the configuration provider, cannot be null
        symbolicNameService - the symbolic name service, cannot be null
        modelParentSupport - the model parent support, cannot be null
        resourceLookup - the resource lookup, cannot be null
        qualifiedNameProvider - actual IQualifiedNameProvider for getting full qualified name of the objects, can't be null
        qualifiedNameProvider - the qualified name provider, cannot be null
        navigatorContentProviderStateProvider - the navigator content provider state provider, can not be null