Class ChartOfAccountsValidatorTest

  • public class ChartOfAccountsValidatorTest
    extends Object
    Testing class for Chart of accounts validator.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ChartOfAccountsValidatorTest

        public ChartOfAccountsValidatorTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testValidChartOfAccountsBare

        public void testValidChartOfAccountsBare()
        Tests validation of a valid chart of accounts with minimum required features specified.
      • testValidChartOfAccountsRich

        public void testValidChartOfAccountsRich()
        Tests validation of a valid chart of accounts with all features specified.
      • testUnspecifiedExtDimensionTypes

        public void testUnspecifiedExtDimensionTypes()
        Tests validation in the case when extra dimension types are not specified while the maximum number of extra dimensions is greater than zero.
      • testMissingExtDimensionTypesSeparator

        public void testMissingExtDimensionTypesSeparator()
        Test validation in the case when one of the data separators of the extra dimension types is missing from the list of separators of the validated chart of accounts.
      • testUnequalIndependentSeparators

        public void testUnequalIndependentSeparators()
        Test validation in the case there is an accounting register with a different set of independent separators than that of its chart of accounts.
      • testNotAllSharedSeparatorsFromChartOfAccountsInAccumulationRegister

        public void testNotAllSharedSeparatorsFromChartOfAccountsInAccumulationRegister()
        Test validation in the case there is an accounting register with a set of shared separators that does not include all shared separators of its chart of accounts
      • testNonuniqueNameOfPredefinedItems

        public void testNonuniqueNameOfPredefinedItems()
        Test validation of predefined items name uniqueness.
      • testOrderLength

        public void testOrderLength()
        Tests validation in the case when autoordering is ON and the order length is less than code length.
      • testSeverityError

        public void testSeverityError​(int errorCode,
                                      Object[] errorData,
                                      org.eclipse.emf.common.util.BasicDiagnostic diagnostics)
      • testSeverenityOk

        public void testSeverenityOk​(org.eclipse.emf.common.util.BasicDiagnostic diagnostics)