Interface IUObjectConverter

    • Method Detail

      • isAppropriate

        boolean isAppropriate​(String typeName,
                              Version version)
        Checks that this converter can convert TypeItem with name typeName
        typeName - name of candidate TypeItem for converting to universal type, can't be null
        version - actual runtime version, can't be null
        true if type corresponding to typeName can be converted to universal type by this converter, false otherwise
      • getAllAllowedTypeNames

        List<String> getAllAllowedTypeNames()
        Gets type name of all TypeItem which can be converted to universal type by this converter
        list of type name or empty list, if this converter can't convert nothing
      • convert

        TypeItem convert​(TypeItem type,
                         Version version,
                         Map<String,​TypeItem> earlierComputedUTypes,
                         org.eclipse.emf.ecore.resource.Resource resource)
        Converts TypeItem to universal type
        type - converting TypeItem, can't be null
        version - actual configuration version for converting type. Can't be null
        earlierComputedUTypes - map - (type name; its universal type), can be null if universal types weren't computed earlier
        resource - actual Resource for resolving, can't be null
        universal type corresponding to type. Never null
        IllegalArgumentException - if converter wasn't found for this type and version