Interface IRuntimeComponentResolver

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    AbstractFileRuntimeComponentResolver, FileRuntimeComponentResolver

    public interface IRuntimeComponentResolver
    Describes an 1C:Enterprise runtime installation component resolver. 1C:Enterprise runtime component resolvers are defined by extensions. An 1C:Enterprise runtime component resolver extension is defined in plugin.xml.

    Following is an example definition of an 1C:Enterprise runtime component resolver extension:

     <extension point="">

    Component resolvers analyze 1C:Enterprise runtime installations, and by some of the installation details (e.g. files) determine its components. Defined 1C:Enterprise runtime component resolvers are automatically used to resolve 1C:Enterprise runtime installation components with the registered 1C:Enterprise runtime type.

    This interface is intended to be implemented and registered by clients.

    Instances are not intended to be explicitly used by client. Clients may use IRuntimeComponentManager instead.

    See Also:
    IRuntimeComponent, IRuntimeComponentManager
    • Method Detail

      • resolveComponents

        Collection<IRuntimeComponent> resolveComponents​(RuntimeInstallation installation)
                                                 throws org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException
        Resolves the 1C:Enterprise runtime installation components in the given 1C:Enterprise runtime installation.

        Method is intended to analyze the given 1C:Enterprise runtime installation, and by some of the installation details (e.g. files) determine its components.

        IRuntimeComponentTypes can be used for basic 1C:Enterprise runtime component types identifiers.

        installation - the 1C:Enterprise runtime installation to resolve components for, cannot be null
        a collection of 1C:Enterprise runtime installation components, never null, can be empty
        org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException - if resolve fails for some reason