Class AbstractFileRuntimeComponentResolver

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractFileRuntimeComponentResolver

        public AbstractFileRuntimeComponentResolver()
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        protected IRuntimeComponentType getType​(String typeId)
        Return 1C:Enterprise Runtime component type by given component type identifier. Can return null if not found.
        typeId - the 1C:Enterprise Runtime component type identifier, cannot be null
        the 1C:Enterprise Runtime component type or null if type not found
      • withSuffix

        protected String withSuffix​(String fileName,
                                    String suffix)
        Returns file name with the given suffix appended. Suffix will be appended before file extension of the file, if the original file name contains file extension. Otherwise suffix will be appended after entire original file name.

        Example of usage:

         String original = "textExecutable.exe";
         String witSuffix = withSuffix(original, "d"); // it will be textExecutabled.exe
         String original2 = "textFile";
         String witSuffix2 = withSuffix(original, "d"); // it will be textFiled
        fileName - the original file name to append suffix to, cannot be null
        suffix - the suffix to append, cannot be null
        the file name with the given suffix appended, never null
      • resolveLaunchable

        protected ILaunchableRuntimeComponent resolveLaunchable​(RuntimeInstallation installation,
                                                                String fileName,
                                                                String componentType)
        Try to resolve launchable 1C:Enterprise Runtime component of the given 1C:Enterprise Runtime installation. Can return null if cannot resolve.
        installation - the 1C:Enterprise Runtime installation to resolve component of, cannot be null
        fileName - the file name of component to resolve, cannot be null
        resolved launchable 1C:Enterprise Runtime component or null if not resolved