Class DebugServerExecutor

    • Constructor Detail

      • DebugServerExecutor

        public DebugServerExecutor()
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      • runServer

        public Pair<String,​Process> runServer​(ILaunchableRuntimeComponent debugServer,
                                                    int port,
                                                    Integer parentPid)
                                             throws RuntimeExecutionException
        Description copied from interface: IDebugServerExecutor
        Run local debug server process with this 1C:Enterprise Runtime debug server component. Launched debug server can be used for debugging.

        Debug server process can use parentPid to check state of parent process (once in second), and terminate itself, when parent is terminated.

        Returns pair:

        • Started process name (absolute path).
        • Started Process instance.
        Specified by:
        runServer in interface IDebugServerExecutor
        debugServer - the 1C:Enterprise Runtime launchable component with debug server, cannot be null
        port - the port to listen by launched debug server process, must be between 0 and 65535
        parentPid - the parent process pid, can be null, then will not be tracked
        a pair of launched 1C:Enterprise Runtime debug server name and process, never null
        RuntimeExecutionException - if 1C:Enterprise Runtime debug server process launch fails