Class AbstractWindowsApacheLookup

    • Field Detail

      • CHARSET

        protected static final Charset CHARSET
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractWindowsApacheLookup

        public AbstractWindowsApacheLookup()
    • Method Detail

      • lookup

        public Collection<WebServer> lookup​(IWebServerTypesRegistry webServerTypesRegistry,
                                            IWebServerNameGenerator nameGenerator,
                                            Collection<String> existingNames)
                                     throws org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException
        Description copied from interface: IWebServerLookup
        Search for local installations of web servers. Method must return web server with type id, defined by extensions.
        IWebServerTypesRegistry can be used to get registered types and categories by versions.
        IWebServerNameGenerator can be used to generate unique name for found web servers.
        webServerTypesRegistry - type registry of registered web server types, cannot be null
        nameGenerator - name generator for found web servers, cannot be null
        existingNames - collection of already existing web servers names, delegate cannot create web server with any of these names, cannot be null
        collection of found web servers, never null
        org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException - if search fails
      • findApacheExcecutorLocations

        protected abstract List<String> findApacheExcecutorLocations()
                                                              throws IOException
        Find Apache 2 executable files locations on local drive.
        list of patches to Apache 2 executable files, never null
        IOException - if search fails
      • validateExecuteLocation

        protected boolean validateExecuteLocation​(String excecutorPath)
        Validate given web server execute location.
        excecutorPath - web server executor path to validate, cannot be null
        whether given executor path is valid
      • cutAttributes

        protected String cutAttributes​(String text)
        Cut attributes from text.
        text - text to cut attributes from, cannot be null
        result text, without attributes, never null