Class CharacteristicsTab

  • public class CharacteristicsTab
    extends AbstractLazyTab
    Tab for characteristics
    • Constructor Detail

      • CharacteristicsTab

        public CharacteristicsTab​(QueryWizardControl queryWizard,
                                  org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject project,
                                  org.eclipse.swt.custom.CTabFolder tabFolder,
                                  IBmNavigatorOrderIndexManager bmNavigatorOrderIndexManager,
                                  IConfigurationProvider configurationProvider)
        queryWizard - actual Query wizard control, cannot be null
        project - actual context project of Query Builder, cannot be null
        tabFolder - parent CTabFolder for creating tab on it, cannot be null
        bmNavigatorOrderIndexManager - - service to get IBmNavigatorOrderIndexProvider. Cannot be null.
        configurationProvider - - service to get configuration using eObject. Cannot be null.