Class CompositeTelemetryDump

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class CompositeTelemetryDump
    extends Object
    implements ITelemetryDump
    This dump contains nested dumps and performs ordering of their records while being processed to provide planar repesentation of their records being sorted by record timestamps
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompositeTelemetryDump

        public CompositeTelemetryDump()
        Constructs the dump
    • Method Detail

      • addNestedDump

        public void addNestedDump​(ITelemetryDump nestedDump)
        Add nested dump to this dump
        nestedDump - The nested dump to add. May not be null
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
        Description copied from interface: ITelemetryDump
        Checks if the telemetry dump is empty
        Specified by:
        isEmpty in interface ITelemetryDump
        True if the dump is empty
      • peekOldestRecordTimestamp

        public long peekOldestRecordTimestamp()
        Description copied from interface: ITelemetryDump
        Requests the timestamp of the oldest record in the dump. This action doesn't change the record set access order
        Specified by:
        peekOldestRecordTimestamp in interface ITelemetryDump
        The topmost record timestamp. Cannot be negative or zero
      • pop

        public TelemetryRecord pop()
        Description copied from interface: ITelemetryDump
        Pops the record of the dump. The record is being removed from the dump and cannot be accessed again via the dump itself
        Specified by:
        pop in interface ITelemetryDump
        The popped record, may not be null