Interface ICheckableTreeContentProvider

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IContentProvider, IStructuredContentProvider, ITreeContentProvider

    public interface ICheckableTreeContentProvider
    extends ITreeContentProvider
    This interface extends basic ITreeContentProvider with additional method that is used to determine whether element from tree can be checked or not. Depending on business needs, some items in tree can not be checked. All clients, that use TreeItemSelectionDialog should implement this method
    • Method Detail

      • isCheckable

        boolean isCheckable​(Object element)
        This method is used to determine whether input element can be checkable
        element - to check
        true if element can be checkable, false otherwise
      • allowChildMultiSelection

        boolean allowChildMultiSelection​(Object parent)
        Determines whether it is possible to select multiple child objects in current parent object
        parent - - parent object
        - true, if possible, false if not