Class LwtRenderer

    • Constructor Detail

      • LwtRenderer

        public LwtRenderer()
    • Method Detail

      • relayout

        public void relayout()
        Description copied from interface: IRenderer
        Triggers layout processing.
      • render

        public void render​(Iterable<IViewModel> viewModels)
        Description copied from interface: IRenderer
        Renders the provided view models.
        viewModels - the view models to render.
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Description copied from interface: IRenderer
        Disposes this renderer.
      • createLightControl

        protected <VM extends IControlViewModelILightControl createLightControl​(IView<LwtRenderingParameters,​VM,​ILightControl> view,
                                                                                  VM viewModel,
                                                                                  ILightComposite lightComposite,
                                                                                  int index)
        Creates a light control for the given view and view model.
        view - the view to create a light control for.
        viewModel - the view model to create a light control from.
        lightComposite - the light composite.
        index - the created child index.
        the newly created light control.
      • disposeLightControl

        protected void disposeLightControl​(ILightControl lightControl)
        Disposes the given light control.
        lightControl - the light control to dispose.
      • viewCanBeReused

        protected boolean viewCanBeReused​(IView<?,​?,​?> view,
                                          IViewModel oldViewModel,
                                          IViewModel newViewModel)
        Checks if the specified view associated with the oldViewModel can be reused for the given newViewModel.

        Default implementation always returns false.

        view - the view associated with the oldViewModel, cannot be null.
        oldViewModel - the old view model, cannot be null.
        newViewModel - the new view model, cannot be null.
        true if the view can be reused for the newViewModel, false - otherwise.