Class AbstractControlComponent<M extends IModel,​P extends IParameterization,​V extends ControlViewModel>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractControlComponent

        public AbstractControlComponent​(P parameterization)
        Creates control component instance.
        parameterization - the parameterization instance.
    • Method Detail

      • getControlViewModel

        protected final V getControlViewModel()
        the control view model
      • refresh

        protected void refresh()
        Refreshes the component. It disposes the view model and recreate it again.
        NOTE: The refresh may be used in highly specialized cases when the component creates different view models depending on some conditions.
      • isEditable

        protected boolean isEditable()
        Checks is component editable.
        true if editable, false otherwise
      • createControlViewModel

        protected abstract V createControlViewModel()
        Creates control view model instance.
        a newly created control view model.