Interface IDefinition

    • Method Detail

      • getComponentClass

        Class<? extends IComponent<?>> getComponentClass()
        Returns the class of the component that was created using this definition last time.
        the class of the AEF component created by this definition last time, may be null if the component was never created.
      • getLayoutData

        IAefLayoutData getLayoutData()
        Returns the layout data object that is expected to be applied to the component created by this definition.
        the layout data, may be null.
      • getParent

        IDefinition getParent()
        Returns the parent definition.
        the parent definition, may be null if the definition has no parent.
      • getParametrization

        IParameterization getParametrization()
        Returns parameterization for component.
        the parameterization, may be null.
      • getId

        IDefinitionIdentifier getId()
        Returns the identifier of this definition.
        the identifier of the definition, may be null.