Class AbstractLwtStandardView<VM extends ControlViewModel,​LC extends ILightControl>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractLwtStandardView

        public AbstractLwtStandardView()
    • Method Detail

      • bind

        protected void bind​(VM viewModel,
                            LC lightControl)
        Description copied from class: View
        Binds the view model and native control together to this view. Override this method to customize the binding.
        bind in class View<LwtRenderingParameters,​VM extends ControlViewModel,​LC extends ILightControl>
        viewModel - the view model to bind.
        lightControl - the native control to bind.
      • createControl

        protected abstract LC createControl​(ILightComposite parent,
                                            VM viewModel)
        Creates a light control for the view without decorations.
        parent - the parent light composite.
        viewModel - the view mode to create a control for.
        the newly created control.
      • setEnabledApperance

        protected void setEnabledApperance​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control control,
                                           boolean enabled)
        Sets the enablement state for the control
        control - the control
        enabled - true if the control should be enabled, false - otherwise.