Interface IView<P extends IRenderingParameters,​VM extends IControlViewModel,​NC>

    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        void initialize​(P parameters)
        Initializes this view with parameters.
        parameters - the parameters to initialize with.
      • bindViewModel

        void bindViewModel​(VM viewModel)
        Binds the view model to this view.
        viewModel - the view model to bind.
      • getViewModel

        VM getViewModel()
        Gets the bound view model for this view.
        the view model or null if no view model is bound.
      • unbindViewModel

        void unbindViewModel()
        Unbinds the bound view mode form this view, if any.
      • bindNativeControl

        void bindNativeControl​(NC control)
        Binds the native control to this view.
        control - the control to bind.
      • getNativeControl

        NC getNativeControl()
        Gets the bound native control for this view.
        the native control or null if no native control is bound.
      • unbindNativeControl

        void unbindNativeControl()
        Unbinds the native control from this view, if any.