Interface IBmProjectProvider

    • Method Detail

      • isSyncActive

        boolean isSyncActive()
        true in case synchronization are scheduled or perfomed right now.
      • processFqnUpdate

        void processFqnUpdate​(IBmObject object,
                              String oldFqn)
        Processes FQN update.
        object - the object that has been assigned a new FQN, may not be null.
        oldFqn - the old FQN, may not be null.
      • addSynchronizationListener

        default void addSynchronizationListener​(IBmProjectProviderSynchronizationListener listener)
        Adds a new synchronization listener to the provider. This method doesn't prevent from multiple additions of the same listener.
        listener - The listener instance, may not be null.
      • removeSynchronizationListener

        default void removeSynchronizationListener​(IBmProjectProviderSynchronizationListener listener)
        Removes a listener for the provider. This method is safe to call during the notification cycle
        listener - The listener to remove, may not be null.