Class DerivedDataStatus

  • public class DerivedDataStatus
    extends Object
    Integral status of derived data for a particular BM. Used by the IDerivedDataStatusListener to report DD status changes to external consumers.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DerivedDataStatus

        public DerivedDataStatus()
    • Method Detail

      • getActivePipelineSegments

        public Map<String,​PipelineSegmentStatus> getActivePipelineSegments()
        Gets active DD segments. All segments belong to the same bucket.
        the activePipelineSegments
      • getPipelineStatus

        public PipelineStatus getPipelineStatus()
        the pipelineStatus
      • getReadySegments

        public Set<String> getReadySegments()
        Gets ready DD segments. The segment ID is returned by this method in case if DD of this segment is calculated completely.
        The set of DD segments ready to use.
      • isModelSyncActive

        public boolean isModelSyncActive()
        Reports that BM model synchronization is under way, so DD processing is idle.
        True in case if the model sync is active. False otherwise.
      • setModelSyncActive

        public void setModelSyncActive​(boolean modelSyncActive)
        modelSyncActive - the modelSyncActive to set
      • setPipelineStatus

        public void setPipelineStatus​(PipelineStatus pipelineStatus)
        pipelineStatus - the pipelineStatus to set