Interface IDerivedDataBmProvider

    • Method Detail

      • close

        void close​(boolean delete)
        Closes the provider.
        delete - The flag showing whether all the stored data must be deleted.
      • start

        void start​(boolean cleanStart)
        Starts the provider.
        cleanStart - The flag showing whether all the previously stored data must be cleaned.
      • getDerivedDataManager

        IDerivedDataManager getDerivedDataManager()
        Gets the associated derived data manager,
        The derived data manager for this instance of BM model.
      • processUnfinishedCommits

        void processUnfinishedCommits​(List<IBmUnfinishedCommitInfo> commitInfo)
        Processes unfinished commits in case of EDT failure restoration.
        commitInfo - The list of commit data records that need to be processed. Cannot be null