Interface ICaseSpecificContextCollector

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    AggregatingContextCollector, CaseSpecificContextCollectorAdapter

    public interface ICaseSpecificContextCollector
    Clients implement this interface to provide custom context collection for particular cases. Such a customization is useful in case if default collection rules (e.g. in case name changes, compute derived data for the children or the container) are not sufficient. With this interface it is possible to perform scope collection of any complexity, for example, a user might need to collect all objects that somehow connected with the context object.
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      • collectContext

        void collectContext​(IBmObject contextObject,
                            BmSubEvent bmEvent,
                            IContextCollectingSession contextSession)
        Gets called to perform custom scope collection.
        contextObject - the bmObject to perform scope collection for
        bmEvent - the BM event that caused the necessity of derived data computation. The event may be used to extract some additional information.
        contextSession - Session of the context collection being used to access object contexts.
      • fullRebuildScope

        String[] fullRebuildScope()
        Collects DD segments that are being affected by the rebuild scope collecting procedure of this collector.
        Arrays of affected DD segments if any; Null/empty array in case if this collector doesn't provide rebuild scope collection.