Class PartBasedContainmentContext

  • public class PartBasedContainmentContext
    extends Object
    Part of the PartBasedObjectContext defining the DD computation context for containment objects.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PartBasedContainmentContext

        public PartBasedContainmentContext​(long bmObjectId)
        Creates new instance of the part-based context for the containment object.
        bmObjectId - The identifier of the target containment BM object.
    • Method Detail

      • addParts

        public void addParts​(Collection<String> parts)
        Adds new DD parts (with replacing) for this context.
        parts - The set of DD parts that should be updated for the containment object.
      • getBmObjectId

        public long getBmObjectId()
        Gets the identifier of the associated containment BM object.
        The identifier of the containment object.
      • getParts

        public Set<String> getParts()
        Gets the set of parts being collected for the computation at the moment.
        The set of parts to compute. Cannot be null.