Class VariableProcessor

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    public class VariableProcessor
    extends StaticFeatureAccessProcessor
    Special StaticFeatureAccessProcessor for found all Variable that change value and
    Variable for read values from it Instances of StatementProcessorForExtractRefactoring are stateful and are not safe for use by multiple threads.
    • Method Detail

      • variablesForChangeValue

        public Map<Variable,​List<org.eclipse.xtext.nodemodel.INode>> variablesForChangeValue()
        Gets all variables and their nodes which change value
        accordance between variables which change value and their INode
      • variablesForReadValue

        public Map<Variable,​List<org.eclipse.xtext.nodemodel.INode>> variablesForReadValue()
        Gets all variables and their nodes from which values are read
        accordance between variables from which values are read and their INode
      • isRefMethodParam

        protected boolean isRefMethodParam​(StaticFeatureAccess sfa)
        Checks that sfa is part of method call
        sfa - checking StaticFeatureAccess, can't be null
        true if sfa is part of method call, false otherwise
      • addNewVariable

        protected void addNewVariable​(Variable variable,
                                      org.eclipse.xtext.nodemodel.INode node,
                                      Map<Variable,​List<org.eclipse.xtext.nodemodel.INode>> variables)
        Add variable to variables
        variable - add variable, can't be null
        node - actual INode of variable, can't be null
        variables - container for adding, can't be null