Interface IExternalMetaTypesProviderService

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    public interface IExternalMetaTypesProviderService
    Special service for accumulate of all external meta Types getting from implementations of IExternalMetaTypesProvider. This class also provided special methods for creating index elements by accumulating contents.
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      • getExternalTypes

        Collection<Type> getExternalTypes​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.resource.Resource context)
        Gets all external meta types from registered IExternalMetaTypesProviders, which will be available only in Built-In Module language. Meta type - is additional information about real V8 Runtime TypeItem, this information can only be used in documentation comment in Built-In Module language. Meta type provides information about methods and properties of real real V8 Runtime TypeItem. This information will be used only in design time for content-assist, validation in Built-in language editor. Each returning Type can have reference to usual types (not external types). No matter that returning type has or not containing Resource. Important:
        • This method in large configuration will be called very often.
        • Names (Russian and English) of the object should be unique.
        context - special context Resource for getting actual Version (see IRuntimeVersionSupport.getRuntimeVersion(Resource)), and resolving usual types (see EcoreUtil.resolve(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject, Resource)), cannot be null
        all external types from registered IExternalMetaTypesProvider, which will be available only in Built-In Module language, never null